The Bucket List

Nearly a decade ago, during a particularly slow day at work, I decided to write down and expand my Bucket List. For those unfamiliar with what that is, it's a list of everything one wants to do, see, or experience before they "kick the bucket" a.k.a. die. It's kind of morbid to think about, but it can help give some direction to the choices you make in life. Often times these lists are filled with traveling to various places or doing extreme experiences like skydiving. My list is no different, but it seems like an fun and interesting thing to finally share as I've grown older and I start crossing things off.

Originally when I made this list, I made the decision to pick 50 things. It was an arbitrary number with no real meaning behind it. I added a couple of things here and there but here's the list as of today:

o See the Avalanche play
o See the Colts play
o Go Parasailing
o See a Cirque De Soleil show
o Broadway show
o Swim with Dolphins

o Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
o Eat at a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant
o Beignets in New Orleans
o Pizza in Italy
o Sourdough in San Francisco
o Perfect a loaf of bread
o Make Beef Wellington
o Teach kid(s) to cook
o Become a Piazzolo
o Perfectly poach an egg
o Try truffles (mushroom kind)
o Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal from scratch
o Chowder in Boston
o Crabcake in Maryland
o Lobster in Maine

o Prepare family for natural disaster/emergency
o Become debt free
o Get married
o Buy a house
o Have a child
o Adopt a pet

o Simplify life significantly at least once
o Write a book
o Design a board/card game
o Have an article published
o Open my own business
o Volunteer
o Donate Blood
o Write a blog
o Build a website
o Work in the food industry
o Watch a sunrise
o Watch a sunset
o Weigh less than 180 pounds
o Hawaii
o Grand Canyon
o Ireland
o France
o Italy
o Take kid(s) to Disney
o Road trip from coast to coast
o Go on a cruise
o Boston
o Washington D.C.
o Caribbean
o Fly first class
o Las Vegas

While this is very much a living list, most of these things have been on here since the beginning. Since I'd like to update this list as I add things or complete them without writing a whole new post, I've dedicated a new page on the site to it. You can find the link under the What I'm Doing Now tab.


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