The Bucket List

o See the Avalanche play
o See the Colts play
o Go Parasailing
o See a Cirque De Soleil show
o Broadway show
o Swim with Dolphins

o Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
o Eat at a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant
o Beignets in New Orleans
o Pizza in Italy
o Sourdough in San Francisco
o Make Beef Wellington
o Teach kid(s) to cook
o Become a Piazzolo
o Perfect a loaf of bread
o Perfectly poach an egg
o Try truffles (mushroom kind)
o Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal from scratch
o Chowder in Boston
o Crabcake in Maryland
o Lobster in Maine

o Prepare family for natural disaster/emergency
o Become debt free
o Get married
o Buy a house
o Have a child
o Adopt a pet

o Simplify life significantly at least once
o Run a 5K
o Write a book
o Design a board/card game
o Have an article published
o Open my own business
o Volunteer
o Donate Blood
o Write a blog
o Build a website
o Work in the food industry
o Watch a sunrise
o Watch a sunset
o Weigh less than 180 pounds
o Hawaii
o Grand Canyon
o Ireland
o France
o Italy
o Take kid(s) to Disney
o Road trip from coast to coast
o Go on a cruise
o Boston
o Washington D.C.
o Caribbean
o Fly first class
o Las Vegas


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