Top 10 Favorite Cookies

I'm back with another top 10! This time we're looking at cookies. We're one of those families that bakes an obscene amount of Christmas cookies and that was my inspiration for doing this list. Now I've eaten a lot of cookies in my day, but there are still many out there that I haven't tried so if you have a favorite cookie, please share in the comments.

10. Coconut Macaroons

I can't remember the first time I encountered these but I've always loved coconut. The baker I worked at for a year after moving here to Delaware used to make these every week and I loved being able to take a package home. They're super easy to make and friendly to those with a gluten allergy.

9. Spritz

Spritz cookies are very similar to shortbread but they're even more buttery and much more delicate. Often you'll find them in various shapes after being squeezed out of a cookie press. While they look like filler cookies on a big Italian cookie tray, these are tasty and get better the older they get.

8. Peanut Butter Blossoms/Cup

Reese's cups are my favorite candy, I'm not as big a fan as the miniatures but stuff them in some cookie dough and I'll eat a dozen of them. I thought these might be higher on the list because I will eat as many as I can get my hands on if they are in a cookie platter.

7. Double Chocolate

I'm not a huge chocolate on chocolate fan but there is something about a soft chocolate cookie with a mix of dark and milk chocolate chips that I really enjoy. The key is it has to be soft, almost processed chewy cookie soft. These are a type of cookie I almost never make but will pick up in the store or bakery if they have them.

6. Peanut Butter

Traditional fork pressed peanut butter cookies are full of nostalgia and one of my all time favorite foods, peanut butter. I often eat a spoonful of peanut butter right out of the jar if I'm cooking and need something to hold me over. My mother in law makes the best peanut butter cookies that get better with age. It's one of the foods I look forward to the most during one of the holidays I enjoy the least.

5. Buttery Shortbread

You know those tins of shortbread cookies? Yeah I can do some serious damage to one of those. As much as I like those mass produced garbage cookies, a basic shortbread recipe with nothing added is wonderful. I think shortbread cookies as a whole might be my favorite category overall. I love buttery and salty flavors and shortbreads are just a crunchy combination of the two.

4. Brownies

Let the hate flow through you on this pick. I know you probably think that brownies don't count but they do in fact. I'm not talking about cakey brownies because those are disgusting. I like fudgey brownies which are just like any other bar cookie. There are so many flavors you could incorporate into brownies but a standard plain recipe is just fine.

3. Fig Newtons

If I could only have one store bought cookie for the rest of my life, Fig Newtons would be it. Fruit surrounded by crust is a beautiful thing, as you know from my Top 10 Favorite Pies post, I like crusty fruit desserts. The soft cookie exterior mixed with a sweet fig jam filling on the inside makes for a near perfect cookie. I don't eat figs outside of these cookies but I'm thinking I should. 

2. Pistachio - Cranberry Shortbread

I made these one year for Christmas and haven't stopped making them since. As I've already stated, the shortbread category of cookies as a whole are my favorite. They're buttery, crunchy, and salty. A basic dough can have all sorts of goodies mixed in and they will almost always be a hit. They're relatively easy to make and keep incredibly well. In fact, they age like a fine wine. If you have the will power, try having some three or four weeks after baking them.

1. Chocolate Chip

It's hard to take down the most beloved cookie in the country. There are so many terrible recipes and products out there but a well make chocolate chip cookie is heaven. The secret to the perfect chocolate chip cookie is a sprinkle of coarse grain sea salt on top. Without that salt on top, the Pistachio - Cranberry Shortbread would take the top spot.

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