The House On The Hill - Reading, PA


Christine and I decided to do a mini-getaway recently to get a break from our normal adult/parent responsibilities. As nice as our trip to the Virgin Islands was a couple of summers ago, leaving three kids for a week isn't the easiest thing to do for a variety of reasons. However, we learned from that trip that we definitely need to take more vacations as a couple to decompress. We were itching to spend a few nights away and wanted to find something that wasn't too far from where we live in Delaware. Christine suggested the Poconos, so we started looking in northeastern Pennsylvania for an Airbnb that would provide us with a quiet space. We've used Airbnb a handful of time to find other places, like the tiny house and the Fairwinds Cottage we stayed in for our 7 and 10 year anniversaries, respectively.

I eventually found a fairly new listing that has only been on the site for about a year in Reading, PA. Reading isn't as far north as the Poconos, but it's still in a mountainous region and we were just there a couple years prior for a concert. It being only an hour's drive from my Mom's house meant that we could drop the kids off on the way and then pick them up on the way home (Thanks again, Mom!). The House On The Hill looked cute, secluded, and a great place to relax. It's a small two bedroom, one bath home that has been completely renovated inside and out. The outdoor space with a hot tub and fire pit were just as much of a selling point as the beautifully designed interior.

Since it's the time of year where the nights get cold, it's the perfect opportunity to get in the hot tub. I've never been one who likes to be warm, but the contrast of the cold air and over 100 degree water is hard to beat. By the second day, I even agreed that having a hot tub back home sounded like a good idea. Aside from the comforting outdoor space, the master bedroom has an electric fireplace which made that space feel very cozy. The rest of the house features a lot of clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. It made the minimalist in me able to see what I would love our house to look like now. At the very least, it gives me a goal to strive for once the kids grow up and move out.

When we arrived, there were a pair of chocolate whoopie pies and hand written card waiting for us on the dining room table. There were also a few drinks in the fridge and a full compliment of coffee supplies on the little coffee bar set up. It's simple touches like those that can make a stay just that much better. We really enjoyed our time in Reading at The House On The Hill, so much so that it's very likely we'll stay again in the future. If you're ever in that area for any reason, I highly recommend booking this place for your time there. If you've stayed at a place you've loved on Airbnb, Vrbo, or otherwise, please share a link in the comments below. We're always looking for new places to explore, especially those in the mid-Atlantic and northeast. 

*Pictures are from the Airbnb listing


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