Minimalist Site Redesign

It's been over three years since I did a major update to the layout of the site. Despite not posting very much this year, I felt like freshening things up. Maybe it will spur some inspiration to write more in the second half of the year. Like the previous update, I've kept some things similar. However, the most dramatic change is the selection of a new font for the first time in over 5 years. Also, while I think the tiled look on the main page for each post looked good, I missed the preview text so that has returned.

Another slight but very noticeable change is abandoning the soft greys that were used in the background and for some of the text. I'm really embracing minimalistic aesthetics more and more in my life right now and wanted that to come across with a theme of just three colors: black, white, and red. Backgrounds are white, non-link text is black, and link text is red. It just looks much cleaner across all devices. I also removed the blurred post image that would show up as the background of each post.

The final main change is removing the sidebar in posts that had links to other popular posts. While I did like the feature, it took away from how clean the site could look. Those links haven't gone away completely, they have just been moved to the bottom of each post. Having the preview text there as well helps people to decide if one of those posts sounds interesting to them, rather than going strictly by the title.

All in all I'm very happy with the changes. I'll likely continue to tweak things here and there, but the major changes should stick around for a few years...or until I get bored.


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