2022 New Year's Goals End of the Year Update

It's the end of the year and time for an update on how well I did on my two (actually 6) goals.

Goal #1: Improve Overall Health

I think I did everything I could to try and not get this one done in the second half of the year. Well, I did try and was successful with two out of the three, but the first one was really my main goal and I couldn't stay focused on making it happen.

Get Below 25% Body Fat

From our trip in July through Christmas, exercise was sporadic at best as were my eating habits. I got back on the wagon at the end of December and have made a very dedicated effort with calorie tracking while fitting in some exercise and I was able to get down to 26.9% for the year. Obviously I didn't get to my goal, but having pizza making as my other main goal didn't do me any favors. For next year, I'm focusing on this single year long goal.

Average Sleep Score Above 85

I know what I need to do to get a consistent sleep score above 85 for a given month. The question is, am I willing to do those things? It depends on what's going on in the world and whether I value staying up to do them over getting better quality sleep. All in all I think I did fairly well, especially in the second half of the year. For a first year of tracking, it's a decent benchmark that I can improve on without a ton of effort.  These are my average scores for the year:

  • January - 83
  • February - 82
  • March - 81
  • April - 81
  • May - 77
  • June - 79
  • July - 84
  • August - 82
  • September - 81
  • October - 84
  • November - 82
  • December - 82
Yearly average: 81.5

Reduce Phone Screen Time

The Digital Wellbeing app that comes with the Google Pixel really helped with this goal...when I didn't go in and adjust the time for apps as their time expired. In second half of the year I did a great job sticking to the 30 minutes for any given app and normally didn't max out multiple apps in a given day. That was especially true in September and October when I was doing my daily solo gaming challenges. It just proved that there are other things I can do with my time that I enjoy and don't involve a screen.

Moving forward I still want to be cognizant of my phone/screen usage and will continue to utilize the time restrictions to keep myself honest. Of the three health related goals, I did the best with this one in the end.

Goal #2: Grow First State Pizza

This project was a ton of fun and I learned a lot. I also ate way too much pizza (too much?! impossible) and that contributed to me not doing as well as I wanted with my fat percentage goal. I've made the decision not to pursue turning this into a full time or even part time business endeavor. It'll be a hobby that I enjoy and continue to share on social media for the foreseeable future. As far as goals, I focused on these a lot more and did very well.

Invest in Better Equipment

As I stated in the half year update. I ended up buying an Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven, pizza peel, and turning peel. Cooking with the oven and other gear really upped my pizza game and made me enjoy making them even more. Being able to crank out four pizzas in less than 30 minutes, which includes prep time and pictures, is amazing. I do want to get a dedicated pizza table to keep in the garage, I just need to figure out a good place to keep it when not in use.

Grow Social Media Presence

As of today, I currently have 1126 followers on Instagram which exceeds the 1000 I wanted by the end of the year. I saw a pretty dramatic slow down over the later summer and into fall, but a lot of that had to do with me slowing down in pizza production as I neared my goal of making 100 pizzas. If you're not constantly posting, the algorithm doesn't push your posts as much. It also coincided with Instagram moving towards a video model over just pictures. 

Twitter and Facebook saw very little movement, but Twitter isn't really the place for this type of thing and Facebook is really more for if I wanted it to be a business.

Make 100 Pizzas 

I knew getting to 100 would be a challenge because that is a lot of pizza to make and eat, but by October I had hit that goal. I made a few batches after that, bringing the total for the year to 107. Making the pizzas and getting to share them was the best part of this process (besides eating them of course) and I will continue to do so a few times a month. What I won't be doing is 4 pizzas at a time because until the kids really start eating us out of house and home, I don't need all of those leftovers. I'll be cutting my normal recipe in half to make two pizzas at a time going forward.


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