Food52 Genius Recipe #53 Molasses Cookies


The final recipe from the cookbook that I made for the year were the Molasses Cookies. I ended up making five different cookie types for Christmas this year and these were a perfect addition. They contain the warm flavors you'll find in gingerbread cookies and they come out just as soft and chewy as a good gingerbread should. The big difference is that they come together incredibly quickly. From start to finish, you could be enjoying one within 30 minutes.

I was a little concerned with how much they spread because they ended up being quite a bit larger than the other cookies I had made. If I were make to them again, I would use a smaller scoop to get around 1.5x-2x the yield of 24 that the recipe says you should get. This will be one of the recipes that I make again in the future, maybe with some added orange zest or something to give them just a little bit more.


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