Food52 Genius Recipe #39 Strawberry Lemon Sorbet

I haven't busted out my ice cream maker Kitchen Aid attachment in years and this recipe calls for the use of an ice cream machine. I was honestly surprised to see this cookbook include the use of one of the rarer and more expensive pieces of home cooking equipment. You'll also need a food processor or high speed blender for this very simple and quickly prepped dessert. There are only three ingredients needed: lemons, sugar, and strawberries. Making this reminded me just how easy ice cream and other frozen treats are to make when you have the necessary tools.

One roughly chopped and seeded lemon gets ground up in the food processor with two cups of sugar. I was dubious of grinding up a whole lemon because their rind is rather tough. Once the lemon and sugar are thoroughly combined, that mixture goes into a bowl and then two cups of hulled strawberries get pureed in the food processor. That gets added to the lemon mixture along with the juice of one to two lemons, depending on how sweet or tart you want it.

Before adding the mixture into an ice cream machine, or attachment in my case, you have the option to strain the lemon rind bits and strawberry seeds out. For the true experience, as written in the recipe's foreword, I decided not to because I like texture in my ice cream and similar frozen desserts. Looking back, I wish I had strained it because the lemon rind had an off-putting texture to Christine and did give the sorbet a bitter after taste. After my first scoop, I found myself spitting out the lemon rinds which was kind of annoying because without those in there it's a refreshing summertime dessert. I'm going to attempt to melt the mixture and refreeze after straining because it made quite a bit and I don't want to waste it.


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