Food52 Genius Recipe #19 Ship's Biscuit

I love breakfast sandwiches and I always love an excuse to bake bread. This recipe doesn't specifically call for you to make focaccia, but it's one of the easiest breads to make. It's also very delicious when I incorporate some of my sourdough starter into it. So I got to kill a few birds with one stone and couldn't be happier about it, especially because this sandwich is absolutely delicious. Coming from the Brooklyn sandwich shop Saltie, this is an incredibly simple egg sandwich that utilizes a hybrid egg cooking technique. It's a mix of fried and scrambled that gives you puffy whites and a overall curdy texture.

Some fresh ricotta cheese gets spread onto the bottom slice of focaccia before the eggs get cooked. This is because they come together really quickly and you want to eat them immediately. I bought the ricotta at the store, but I bet this sandwich would be even better if I made some instead. Maybe that'll be a post for another day. Anyway, soft scramble the eggs in a bit of butter without breaking the yolk. When the whites are almost set, you take the pan off the heat and then fold the yolks in until everything is cooked. It's emphasized not to over cook the eggs, you want them runny rather than dry.

What you end up with is almost like an egg version of a sloppy Joe sandwich, but so much better. It's creamy, crunchy, buttery, and fatty in the best possible way. The oily foccacia is a great vehicle to get the egg and ricotta to your mouth. While this doesn't need cheese, bacon, or any other ingredient normally found in a breakfast sandwich, I will definitely be playing around with add-ons. Because I was so happy with how the focaccia came out, here's a picture of it:


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