Food52 Genius Recipe #18 Deviled Eggs

We recently got some farm fresh eggs from some of Christine's students as one of their school projects. Getting a couple of dozen eggs meant we had nearly 4 dozen in the fridge and they were taking up too much space. It seemed like the perfect time to make Deviled Eggs. Some of them were a bit older and, because of that, are easier to peel. Rather than boiling the eggs as the recipe asks for, I used the Alton Brown method of baking a dozen of them at once in a muffin tin. I've found the yolks come out creamier this way as compared to hard boiling. If you've never used the oven to do it, it's just 30 minutes at 325 degrees. Then they take a quick ice bath before getting peeled.

The secret ingredient to the filling is a couple of tablespoons of room temperature butter. I've never seen this used in other recipes and it clearly made a huge difference. The filling ended up being very smooth and unctuous. I opted for tarragon of the choice of herb from those listed. I rarely use tarragon when cooking, but I'd like to find more recipes that uses it because I liked the flavor it added. Since we didn't need 24 deviled egg halves, I made 12 into deviled eggs and then turned the rest into egg salad. It was definitely a more dense spread than normal, but it tasted really good still. I liked this recipe overall and might use it when we can start having family for holidays.


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