The 30 Day Bring Gratitude Challenge

I came across the 30 Day Bring Gratitude Challenge from another account I follow on Twitter. The point of the challenge is to journal or post one thing that you're grateful for each day for the month of November. By doing this, it's supposed to become a more positive person. This positivity is supposed to encourage you to feel happier and become more productive and a more resilient person.

I've always been a pretty negative person in general, miserable some might say. Over the past few years I've wanted to make a change, but falling back to my default settings rather easily has stopped that from happening. I'm hoping that by doing this challenge, and keeping it going long past the end of the month, that it will help me feel better overall. This is all part of my effort to work on myself starting this month and going through 2019. I don't know the research behind the following, but why not try if any of it's just a tiny bit true?
In an effort to bring people together and encourage them to share what they are grateful for, there is a Facebook group that you can join. There are many ways to participate, the club is just a source of inspiration no matter how you want to use it. It also functions as a support to keep going with the challenge. Just writing down what you're grateful for may not work if you're not being held accountable in any way. That's the reason I wanted to post this. My plan is to post mine here the blog for each day of the challenge.

There is a theme to each day to help you come up with something you might be grateful for:
Monday - List 1 thing you are grateful for and why.
Tuesday - What is one invisible force that helps your life?
Wednesday - Who are you grateful for today? Why?
Thursday - What is one place or activity that helps you be a little more grateful?
Friday - What did you learn from this week?
Saturday - What has been the best thing about your day?
Sunday - If you could share one piece of advice about what you learned recently what would it be?

Day 1
An activity that helps me feel more grateful is definitely playing board games. I'm grateful that the hobby has brought me new friends and is a great way to spend time with my family.

Please join the challenge if you're at all interested. I was hesitant at first, but figured why the hell not? There's nothing to lose.


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