Walmart's Grocery Pickup

Just before James was born, Walmart started offering grocery pickup in our area. They had displays in the store encouraging customers to try it out. On the display was a handout explaining the benefits and gave a code for $10 your first order. We figured it was free money so why not try it out; I haven't gone full on grocery shopping since. It's such a great system that I thought I would share some thoughts on it in case you're interested in taking advantage of it wherever you are.

Let me say now that I like going grocery shopping. When we lived in NY and shopped at Wegmans, it was one of the highlights of my week. If you've ever been to a Wegmans you understand what I mean. But we don't have the mecca of grocery stores here in Delaware so my options are limited. Walmart has the best prices, Savings Catcher, and now a service that saves me both time and money. I no longer need to walk through a ginormous store and then stand in line because they never have enough cashiers on when we're there. I also save a ton of money because I only buy the stuff I need since I have to order it all online. I don't walk by something and grab it just because it's a good price or I want it in that moment.
The way it works is you go to the website, log in, and start adding things to your cart. It's no different than doing any other shopping online. Once you've entered everything you need, you select a time to pick up, and then select the items you don't want substituted before completing the order. A confirmation email gets sent to your email inbox. You can add items to your order up until a certain time, just in case you remember something later on. On the day you pick it up, you get an email saying your order is ready roughly 10-30 minutes before your pickup window. If you have the app on your phone, you'll also get a notification on there as well.
There is a designated area to park when you get to the store, just follow the orange grocery pickup signs. You can call when you arrive to let them know you are there but they normally come out and ask your name if you haven't already checked in using that feature on the app. A person wheels out a cart of baskets with your stuff all bagged up and will load it right into your trunk without you having to get out of your car. I like to get out and help them. You sign for your order on a smartphone like device and that's it. It's so simple.
Something interesting that I wanted to go back to is the substitution system. As I mentioned you can select items you don't want substituted. We do this with the freeze dried strawberries that Grace likes because if we don't and the store is out of stock, they'll grab something else since they don't have another brand of that specific item. By clicking don't substitute, they just won't give me the item or charge me for it if they don't have it. But unlike the strawberries for Grace, most items will be replaced with the same item either in a large size or a different brand but same flavor. We've gotten the large container of Country Crock for the price of the small because they didn't have it. We also have received brand name bacon instead of store brand for the price of the store brand. Some people are very particular and don't like this system but we're not that picky normally. To date, I haven't declined a substitution, something you can do when they're loading your groceries.

I tend to forget something when ordering, but I did that when I was in the store to so I do stop into the store to pick up a couple things at least once a week. Thankfully those trips are quick because I use the self checkout. All in all we save at least a couple hours each week not having to go to the store, something we always did on the weekend when it's at its busiest. We also save roughly $25 a week by not grabbing random crap we don't actually need. It's a great service and I look forward to keep using it. If you'd like to try it in your area, CLICK HERE to get $10 off your first order. Full disclosure, if you use that link, I also get $10 off.


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