SungWon Cho a.k.a. ProZD

If you were really into Vine before it got shut down, you probably know SungWon Cho a.k.a ProZD. I didn't find out about him until I saw some of his YouTube videos retweeted by people I follow on Twitter. Many of his videos are recordings of him playing multiple characters, often making fun of tropes in video games and anime. He also hilariously covers topical issues like the recent Laurel - Yanny debate. Speaking of that, I've probably watched his video on it a dozen times and shared it with others because I find it so funny. Here it is:
Professionally, SungWon Cho is a voice actor and has done work on various video games and TV shows. I wanted to take a minute to highlight him because he's one of my favorite YouTube personalities. Some of his other content includes unboxing videos, board game reviews, and trying various foods, often ramen. If you like to be entertained or have interest in any of the topics I listed, go check out his channel. I promise you won't be disappointed. Before you go, here is great video about social media feeds:


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