Office Popcorn

I work in a typical office setting with cubicles, desks, and florescent lighting. I keep a host of snacks in one of my desk drawers just in case I get hungry or don't want something that I brought for lunch. The one snack I always have is microwave popcorn. There is a lot of controversy across the country and probably the world over making popcorn at work. I completely understand why, its smell is pervasive and that can bother people.

Whenever the microwave is used to cook something with a strong smell like fish or popcorn, it fills the office. Let me state this now, if you microwave fish at work then you should exile yourself from society. You're a bad person and everybody hates you. If you microwave popcorn, it all depends on whether or not you burn it. The smell of burnt popcorn takes hours to go away and will drag the morale of a work space down. I think people who burn popcorn, just once, should be banned from ever bringing microwave popcorn in again. I am not one of those people, I am a wizard when it comes to microwaving popcorn at the office.

I find the smell of properly cooked popcorn to be incredibly comforting. It makes me think of going to the movies. Some people don't like the smell and believe in a scent free work place, those people are whiny and boring. Who doesn't like the smell of popcorn? It's basically the smell of corn and warm butter. Everything is better with butter. I love the smell of microwaved popcorn so much that I like to wave the opened bag around as I walk back to my desk. I'm also a bit of a troll so after I made some yesterday, I turned my fan on so I could assure everyone could enjoy the wonderful smell.
Popcorn is also a great snack; a single bag makes a ton of it. When people come looking for whoever made the buttery delight, you can share with it your new popcorn loving friends. Other pluses for office popcorn are: it's cheap and it's a fairly healthy snack. I plan to keep making popcorn at work whenever I feel like it. If people don't like it, sucks to be them. Maybe if I bring them some popcorn, they'll change their tune. Maybe they're just sad that they don't have any. Maybe I can be the hero of the office. Daniel J Isom, Popper of Popcorn, Sharer of Snacks, and Hero of the Office. I need new business cards.


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