The Daily Shed

This post is going to be short one but I wanted to bring your attention to a YouTube channel that I really enjoy run by Chevee Dodd. He runs a show called The Daily Shed which is "a YouTube series with new videos, Monday thru Friday. This is a sort of talk show… not a vlog… and in it, I discuss topics suggested by the community and then we all have fun in the comments." Each video is normally between five and ten minutes long and could be about anything. He talks about things going on in his life, shares other YouTube content to check out, shares wood working projects he's doing, talks about board games and that industry, and a whole lot of other topics.

Chevee's openness to share personal stories is what really drew me in over the past few months. I used to check a video out here and there when I saw a topic that was interesting but now it's something I look forward to every weeknight. I've even gone back and watched nearly all of the episodes he's posted. So if you're looking for new content in any of the areas I mentioned above, please consider checking out his channel. Here is a recent video from the show that I enjoyed:


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