GnuS Cello

When I'm at work, I tend to listen to music or podcasts. As I mentioned, I've been listening to a lot of Twenty One Pilots as of late. Sometimes I let YouTube just play the videos as they come up so occasionally a cover of their music gets mixed in. That's how I found GnuS Cello's channel. GnuS Cello is run by Stefano Cabrera, a musician who mostly plays the cello, ukele, and seagull merlin guitar. It was his instrumental of "Ride" by Twenty One Pilots that came up and I fell in love with it immediatly. I had forgotten how much I loved listening to the cello. My brother used to play when he was school and is/was incredibly talented. I hope he decides to pick it up again.
Above is that cover I spoke about. Please give it a listen because Stefano is incredible. He also does covers of many other artists including: Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Sia, and a many others. I don't watch the videos every time, opting to just listen, but I do really enjoy his minimalist set up that focuses on the instrument. 

As I come across talented people like him and Chevee Dodd of The Daily Shed, I'll do more posts like this to help spread the word. If you have any recommendations that you'd like to share, please comment below.


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