A new year, a new me. Well not really...but sort of.

So this is a new blog/website I've created to encompass everything that interests me. A place to talk about what I like in more than 140 on Twitter or in small blurbs on Facebook where only my family and friends will see. It's also a place for a new me, well not really a new me because that's rather cliche but even still, it's a place for me to start making a name for myself so sort of a new me. What is that supposed to mean? Let me explain.

At the end of last year I decided to shut down my tabletop game publishing company, Simple Design Publishing. My heart wasn't in it anymore and...well if you want the whole story, go visit that site and read about it. Anyway, as I was transitioning my Twitter account and trying to figure out how I was going to go about having a place for my design stuff to live on, I was having trouble finding a Twitter handle that I liked. My usual go-tos were all taken because there are more people with the last name of Isom than I originally thought. I like my name but if you search for Daniel Isom, you'll read quite a bit about a now retired police chief in St. Louis. He has done the name proud and I doubt I'll ever do anything to "take back" the name so I've come up with a way to start making a name for myself. I've started using my middle initial as a part of my user names where possible and in the address and title of this site. It's nothing major but it's enough to distinguish me from the other Daniel Isoms out there. For those of you who don't know but wonder what the J stands for, it's Jeffrey, my father's first name.

That explains the "name change" but why the blog? Well, I can't help myself but to keep a journal/blog/place to share my opinions so instead of fragmenting my life by creating a game design blog or another food blog that'll I'll lose interest in or just sharing my thoughts on social media, I thought creating a site about me to keep all of that in one place was the best course of action. Nobody may ever read this but I find writing out and publicly sharing things to be extremely cathartic. As it says in the little About blurb to the right, this will mostly be a blog about game design and food but some other topics, that I feel I need to share my opinion on, may pop up from time to time.

If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so and I welcome you to follow along.

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