About the Blog
I needed a place to collect my thoughts on tabletop, food, life, and everything in between so this blog will serve that purpose. There is no real direction or schedule to the posts; mostly just things that I want to comment on in more than 280 characters on Twitter or in a short blurb on Facebook. Hopefully you'll find something useful here and if not, you'll at least learn more about me.

About Me
I'm a father, husband, baker, eater, writer, blogger, board game player...well I'm a lot of things. I'm not sure I do any of those things particularly well, but I try to get better every day. I currently live in Delaware with my wife, Christine, and our three children: Grace, Benjamin, & James. We also host two mischievous cats, Atreyu & Fatbert.

I designed a bunch of games, some published & some as free print and play. I even ran my own tiny publishing company called Simple Design Publishing, for three and half years, but I decided to give that up at the end of 2016. Now I spend more time just playing games with friends.

Before that, I used to write two different food blogs off and on, the first being Syracuse Sandwich, where I reviewed a bunch of different sandwiches throughout Syracuse and the surrounding suburbs when we lived there. The second was Dan in the Kitchen, which followed my trials and tribulations in the kitchen as well as housed a few reviews of local restaurants. I've also written one unpublished novel and started others that are currently unfinished.

Contact Me
If you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to send me an email or follow me on Twitter.